Join the Grande Prairie Children’s Choir!

We are always looking for children who love to sing.  Rehearsals for all singers are on Tuesdays from 4:30 – 5:30 at 2640 Park Dr. in Flossmoor (St. John’s Church across from Leavitt Park.)

For more information about our programs, please call Rob Calhoon, Administrator and Treble Choir Conductor, at 708.557.0472, or email him at

To register your singer, simply fill out the registration form, and we will get in touch with you. It couldn’t be much easier!

Membership dues for Treble Singers are only $120 for the season, and $110 for Treble Singers

Our Ensembles

Primary Singers is an introductory class for our youngest singers. Students learn to find their singing voice, move to the music, develop aural skills, and develop self-confidence.

    • For Students in Kindergarten and First Grades
    • Meets Weekly for 45 minutes
    • No Experience Necessary, No Audition Required

Treble Singers is a performance ensemble that builds upon the principles of singing and musicianship explored in Primary Singers. Students will continue to develop healthy singing habits, be introduced to the fundamentals of reading music, and sing varied styles of music in unison, and in parts. Treble Choir is directed by Robert Calhoon

    • For students in 2nd – 3rd grades
    • Meets weekly for for 60 minutes
    • Performs multiple times throughout the season
    • No experience necessary, no audition required

Concert Singers is the oldest of the GPCC performing ensembles. Students continue to develop rhythmic, tonal, and vocal skills, and share in the joy that only ensemble singing can bring. Concert Choir is directed by Oksana Rodak.

    • For students in 4th – 8th grades
    • Meets weekly for 60 minutes
    • Performs several times throughout the season.
    • No Experience necessary, no audition required



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